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Welcome to JFDI

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time, of course! Jen and David at JFDI have spoken to hundreds if not thousands of people who have failed to embark upon achieving a goal because they viewed it as “too hard” or “too big” to tackle.

At JFDI, we are driven by the desire to change lives! Because of this, we’ve created a groundbreaking model to help you successfully ACHIEVE your goals. We’ve  created what we believe is the most robust goal achievement programmes currently available founded on a platform of REAL support so that you can accomplish those things you’ve never thought possible – at work or at home!

A new programme launches every 2 months. Sign up now to be ‘in the know’ for our next llaunch and help give YOURSELF the unfair advantage that will allow you to enjoy the sweet taste of success in just 100 Days!

Achieving your goals

Once a month or so, we publish articles about achieving your goals. We will also share tools and templates you can use to achieve your own goals.

Our Journey

We are following our own 100 day journey as we continue to develop the 100 day programme for the business market….you can follow our journey here.


In preparation for the launch of our inaugural 100 day programme, we invited a small group of trailblazers to use our programme to achieve their own 100 day goal….find out more here.

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