Want to be successful? Here are 9 qualities you’ll need.


Have you ever wondered what personal qualities it takes to really be successful? I wondered, so I decided to quickly survey all of my current coaching clients (each successful in their own right) and received some really great feedback. I’ll share this feedback with you now (in no particular order) and relate each quality to how I believe it can serve you as continue on YOUR journey of achieving your goal right now.
Patience. As you move forward toward achieving your goal(s), you may not make progress at the pace you’d like to. You may experience a setback or roadblock that throws a bit of a spanner in the works temporarily. Remember WHY you’re pursuing your goal and it will help restore your patience to keep moving forward, however slowly.

Curiosity. If you experience a roadblock (which you undoubtedly will), remain curious and ask yourself why you’re stuck and what you need to do or learn in order to get ‘unstuck’! Don’t allow frustration to take over and close your mind to possible solutions.

Optimism. How much easier will achieving your goal be if you can stay focused on what you CAN do, rather than on what you CAN’T do?

Gratitude. Take time to be thankful each day for whatever progress you’ve made toward achieving your goal. By focusing your mind on what you’ve already accomplished, and what you WILL accomplish, you set yourself up powerfully to achieve it.

Enthusiasm. I recently read a quote from Arnold Glasow: “Success isn’t a result of spontaneous combustion. You must set yourself on fire.” It is nobody’s job but YOURS to keep yourself motivated.

Resilience. Webster’s dictionary defines ‘resilience’ as: “the ability to become strong, healthy or successful again after something bad happens.” When those roadblocks and unexpected problems arise on your way to achieving your goal, re-focus on what you CAN control and you will keep moving forward.

Foresight. Are you able to anticipate problems before they arise? That’s called having foresight. By anticipating problems, you can better prepare yourself for how to handle them and you won’t find yourself on the back foot.

Commitment. I like to call this one “stick-to-it-iveness”! The motivation or “why” behind your goal is what will help see you through the long haul. If you find your commitment flagging at any time, re-visit your “why” and remind yourself of the reason you tackled this goal in the first place.

Discipline. Jim Rohn famously said: “Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines practiced every day.” Staying the course and forming a few habits that will support you to succeed can be the difference between achievement and failure. Do you need to begin journaling every day in order to stay focused on what you need to do? Do you need to sort out your diary and stick to it each day? Do you need to exercise every day in order to keep your energy up? Whatever it is, JFDI!


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