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My Goal: To double my monthly earnings by end of 100 days

I am an Intimo Lingerie Consultant who offers a no obligation, discreet, professional and approachable service to women in the Waikato. My products are very good quality and I can refer them with confidence. I love my job because firstly I am helping women solve problems, I am helping make their lives easier. the best part of my job is seeing these beautiful women with their walls down. I am seeing their raw beauty. their true self away from the world where we have our personas and images to portray but in the fitting room that goes out the window. I feel really honoured to be in that position.

Originally from Ireland I settled in NZ 12 years ago. I now have 2 little kiwi birds myself, Sean and Phoebe. WIth my Husband Dale, these children are our number one priority. In my spare time I am passionate about veggie gardening. I love getting my hands into the soil and ripping out weeds. I find it very exciting to watch a seed develop into a seedling and then into food. My sewing machine is the time when I can clear my head and solve my problems. I enjoy sewing quilts and dabbling in clothes but that needs practise.

My friends are a big part of my life, so I enjoy being social and I believe a good female support network is essential to the mental health of women.

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‘fittings are coming out of thin air”

What has helped this happen, I believe is daily focus on my goal (my income goal). My radar is up and I’m more active (networking, rel’nships, referrals). This has led to me being open to a new job opportunity which has arisen. As this is an income goal - not tied to Intimo, this opportunity is consistent with my 100 Day Goal.


Increased number of fittings. My daily focus has led to more networking, drawing on existing and creating new relationships and referrals.

New job opportunity: I've been offered a position selling H&S software. This is a great opportunity which will allow me to increase my income.


Time Management. Working from home can be challenging from the perspective of managing my time. One of the key challenges is setting aside specific time and space for work-related activities.

Prioritising opportunities. Some of the opportunities which have arisen during the course of the last 10 days are not viable from a business perspective. I need to ensure that I pursue opportunities that are profitable as opposed to accepting everything.

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