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My Goal: Launch Mathematics for a Lifetime Charitable Trust

I am an Owner / operator of mathZwise Te Awamutu which employs 12 Tutors and currently is working with 104 students. I have been an owner for the last 2 1/2 years but before this worked in Primary school teaching for 30 years. Going into business was a huge shift for me. On this journey I began to realise that so many children were not able to access this help plus I became aware of countless other children in many other areas. Thus began the movement towards a Charitiable Trust.

I am a Mum of 2 young men in their early 20s and have a gorgeous husband of nearly 30 years. I believe in lots of exercise and use this for my thinking time. My quirky thing is I am a Senior Fire Fighter in the Pirongia Fire Brigade for the last 10 years – we average about 55 calls a year including many accidents, Ambulance assist and fires

My vision is to make a difference to children and young people all around NZ who otherwise would not have the opportunity to access mathematics tutoring for financial reasons. I want to create opportunities for children to be empowered by mathematics for support and extension so they can go on and achieve in their lives. What will drive me forward is my vision and strong sense of creating change for that purpose.

Progress Updates

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I’ve made excellent progress on my goal since starting the 100 Days programme almost 3 weeks ago. We now have an application form signed off, logo finalised and progress towards charitable status. There’s a lot still to do over the next 2-3 months including decisions on launch and rollout.


Establishing board. It’s a pleasant change from being a one-person business. I have others who can help and provide guidance.

Finalisation of application form: this is pivotal to the whole programme and a lot of work has gone into its creation.

Finalisation of Logo. I’m really happy with the logo and this will allow us to get to work on website, etc


Keeping driving forward. There is a lot to do and I have to ensure that I focus on ALL of the important stuff not just the ‘exciting’ stuff.

Launch Process and Timing. There is a bit of a chicken and egg scenario here….we need funding but sources often require a track record or, at the least, a demonstration of demand….However, launch requires some funding so we can take applications. We will look at possible crowdfunding options to kick start the programme.

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