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My Goal: To list 2 properties per month.

About Me: I am a licensed (under the REAA 2008) real estate sales and marketing consultant at Eves Realty Limited (a licensed agent under the REAA 2008). I help people buy and sell residential and lifestyle property in and around Hamilton profitably. In previous lives I was a property lawyer and a registered nurse. My client’s goals and interests are paramount. Family is very important to me as is keeping fit. I love change and the unexpected.

Why this goal is important to meTo make working full time worth it for me and my clients.

Progress Updates

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Since starting on this journey, I’ve definitely made progress…am now making regular calls and conducting appraisals. However, as yet, no listings have arisen. I think the 100 days programme us helping to create structure and help with motivation. I love the focus and enforced discipline and the daily reminders to encourage reflection.


Focus. The 100 day programme and structure provides a level of discipline which encourages activity each day.

Activity: My activity levels (calls, appraisals, emails) are definitely up but, to date this has not translated into results in terms of listings.


I’m having difficulty getting listings, even though taking advantage of all training/ suggestions / networking, etc. that other, successful listers do; I’m ‘scratching her head’ a bit at the moment as to why my activity isn’t working yet – could it be different networks of contacts? different skills?;

JM: study the successful folks and be OPEN to DIFFERENT ways of increasing your income. perhaps joining forces with an agent who has reached capacity and needs help (2IC)?

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