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My Goal:  a robust and effective marketing and sales process for the ‘Eat to Fit your Genes’ programme

I’m a mother of 3 children. My eldest is almost 23 and my youngest almost 18. I’m a natural health consultant – a medical herbalist, nutritionist, naturopath and Smart DNA practitioner at the Vibrant Health Centre. I see clients for all kinds of health issues from stress to hormones to digestion to weight problems. In my spare time I love to work in the garden (mainly the vegetable garden), dance (modern jive), and do crazy fitness things (go to the gym, go mountain biking, or tramping). I climb the Hakarimata’s in Ngaruawahia (1500 steps up over 2.5 km) once per week, and I’ve been doing this for about a year and a half. My partner is a motorcyclist and he likes to ride around the countryside with me as a pillion. I’m also very interested in spirituality, and practice meditation and study the philosophy of yoga. 

I have a goal to have 100 ‘Eat to Fit your Genes’ clients over the next 12 months, which will enable me to catch up on some things in my life including having my house painted and some other improvements done, and to help pay for a trip to Europe in July next year. Having some robust sales and marketing processes and skills will also enable me to feel more confident and competent as a business woman, which is sometimes something I struggle with and want to be good at!

Progress Updates

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I’ve made good progress on my goal since starting the 100 Days programme almost 3 weeks ago. I’ve started to trial some videos for my promotion – need to work on this so that I come across more naturally in front of the camera. I like the 100 days framework – particularly regular meetings and the planning tools – they encourage structure and help to keep me motivated.


Camera confidence. Through practice, I’m starting to feel more confident in front of the camera. Still need more practice but I am definitely making progress.

Planning: Having learned a bit more about the online tool at 100 days, I think the planning is helping to put structure behind what I am doing and helping me to track progress and keep on target.


Time Management. My biggest challenge at present is finding time for my goal activities. I am getting married shortly and this, combined with time needed to write DNA reports means that video work for the goal is getting behind schedule. I have scheduled time during the next 10 day sprint to work on videos which should enable me to get back on track.

Camera confidence. I’ve definitely made progress here but I need to work on coming across more naturally on camera. This will be an area of focus during the next couple of 10 day sprints.

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