Where do you want to be this time next year?

Our goal is to get you there!!

At JFDI we know that project success depends on 3 components


A roadmap which defines how you get from here to there.


Having someone hold you to your plan and processes to hold you accountable.


Clearly defined milestones and checkpoints to guide you on your journey.

Our 2018 programme ticks all three boxes and will help you

enjoy the journey to success.

About the programme

Just some of the features of the JFDI programme for 2018

Strictly Limited

To allow us to deliver the best possible programme, numbers are strictly limited and will be allocated on a first-come first-served basis.

Collegiality and shared journey

One of the key features of this programme is that you will be embarking on your journey with other advisers from around the country. This provides a sense of common experience and collegiality and enhances the accountability benefits of the programme.

Your own planning website

Your planning website is the control centre for tracking your progress and sharing your successes and challenges and seeking input from your coach.

Business Planning

Our 12 month programme starts with a 6 week business planning phase – where do you want your business to be in 1, 2 or 5 years time? JFDI will provide you with a comprehensive suite of templates to assist you in building the business plan to get you there.

Guidance from a top personal and business coach.

Jennifer Myers, one of the founders of JFDI will provide support and guidance throughout the programme.

Online journal for daily reflections

Journalling is proven to improve outcomes by enhancing clarity and helping to overcome challenges. It’s also one of the key vehicles though which Jennifer can monitor your progress and help with any challenges you’re facing.

Private LinkedIn Group

Share your successes and challenges with your peers, share knowledge and seek feedback. This group provides collegiality and support for participants.

Structured planning and review framework

Your Planning workbook provides the foundation for building your plan. Taking your business plan as the foundation, our programme will break down your plan into a series of 3 structured 100 day projects which, in turn, are structured as a series of 10 day sprints with regular reviews along the way. This will allow you to track and monitor progress and adapt your activities as you go.

Return on Investment

The ROI for the programme is very compelling. Use this calculator to estimate ROI for your practice.

ROI Calculator
How much on average do you earn per sale?
How many additional sales do you estimate you will make as a result of your participation on the 100 days programme?

Key Questions

Here are answers to some of the key questions you may have about the JFDI 2018 Planning Programme.

Who is the team behind JFDI?

Jennifer Myers and David Yates are the founders of JFDI. Jennifer is our business coach and responsible for developing the accountability framework which underpins the 100 days programme. David provides the technical brains and is responsible for the technology tools as well as the JFDI.CO website. Click here for more information.

When does the programme start?

The first 100 day project will commence on Tuesday 30th January 2018.

How do I contact you to discuss?

If you have other questions or would like to discuss your needs, please get in touch:

Jennifer (jennifer@jfdi.co or by phone 027 612 3493)

David (davidy@jfdi.co or by phone 021 457 692).

How does the programme work?

The 2018 programme consists of three 100 day projects commencing in January, May and September 2017. Each project builds on the results of preceding projects. There is an option to pay as you go. However, to get the most bang for your buck, we recommend you commit to the 12 month option.

If you don’t already have a business plan or you would like to revisit your existing plan, we include an optional six week structured planning stage (with tools and templates) at the start of your first 100 day project. (This only applies to participants on the 12 month programme).

There are three core components to the programme which, combined, provide participants with a framework designed for success:

  1. Technology platform. Each participant has their own personal website dedicated to planning, tracking and reviewing progress in their planning. In addition, JFDI have prepared templates you can use to build each of the core elements of your business plan.
  2. Accountability Framework. Webinars, site feedback and a private LinkedIn group provide the foundation for the success of the programme. Jennifer will be your coach throughout the programme, helping you and providing individual input into your plan.
  3. Your commitment. At the end of the day – YOU are responsible for building your plan. Without a strong commitment on your part, you may as well not bother.
How much does it cost?

The cost of the 12 months programme is NZ$2,000 plus GST (discounts are available for groups of 3 or more)

If you wish to pay on a per project basis, the cost is $800 per 100 day project (NB: this excludes access to the business planning tools and templates.)

Register for the programme Today

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NOTES: 1. The single option excludes the business planning programme and templates. 2. The 12 month programme is for 3 100 day projects - Jan, May and September. Optional 6 week business planning phase is available as an option for the first project.

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