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Hi Brent.

Thanks for your interest in our 100 days programme for financial advisers.  There is no other goal achievement programme anywhere in the world which combines technological and personalised support for participants in this way. We believe it is one of the most effective solutions for participants who are serious about achieving an important business goal.

We have outlined some of the core features of the programme here and we’d love to have the opportunity to present our solution to you and the team at NZFSG.

About the programme

Just some of the features of the 100 Day Goal Achievement programme for advisers.

Strictly Limited

This will be an exclusive programme. However, numbers are limited and will be allocated on a first-come first-served basis.

Collegiality and shared journey

One of the key features of this programme is that participants will be embarking on their journey with their peers. This provides a sense of common experience and collegiality and enhances the accountability benefits of the programme.

Goal website

Each participant has their own goal website which is the control centre for tracking  their progress and sharing successes and challenges and seeking input from their 100 Days coach.

Activity Tracker

Advisers can track their activity and monitor their progress with their own 100 point activity tracker.

Guidance from a top personal and business coach.

Jennifer Myers, one of the founders of JFDI and the 100 day programme, will provide support and guidance throughout the 100 day journey.

Online journal for daily reflections

Journalling is proven to improve goal outcomes by enhancing clarity and helping to overcome challenges.

Private Facebook Group

Participants share successes and challenges with their peers, share knowledge and seek feedback. This group provides collegiality and support for participants.

Structured planning and review framework

Our 100 day goal workbook provides the foundation for planning each goal and tracking progress.

Return on Investment

The ROI for the programme is very compelling. Use this calculator to estimate ROI for various scenarios.

ROI Calculator
How much on average do you earn per sale?
How many additional sales do you estimate you will make as a result of your participation on the 100 days programme?

Nail an important Business Goal

JFDI’s 100 days is “an Amazing Programme”. We have designed the programme to provide participants with the best possible opportunity to achieve a single goal over 100 days. .  Our goal is to help participants NAIL their business goal.

Proven methodology.

Supported by a suite of on-line tools to help participants plan their goal, track progress, overcome challenges and ACHIEVE THEIR NUMBER 1 BUSINESS GOAL in 100 DAYS. Our adviser programme incorporates activity tracking tools designed specifically for financial advisers.

What Others Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our Trailblazers do the talking!

Through the 100 Days programme, I learned to take time to reflect and let the lessons I was learning ‘sink in’ so that I could move forward more powerfully. I also ‘got’ that I need to surround myself with the right team members who can support me in order to reach my goals.

Richard Sewak

The group component of the 100 Days programme is fantastic because it allows you to share information about what’s going on in your business with a group of people who are actually KEEN to hear about it and provide support.

Jean McKenzie

Founder, Mathematics for a Lifetime

By participating in the 100 Days programme, I smashed a business goal that I had, for years, never been able to reach!”

Tom Wu

Financial Adviser

Key questions

Here are answers to some of the key questions you may have about the 100 Days programme.

Who is the team behind JFDI?

Jennifer Myers and David Yates are the founders of JFDI. Jennifer is our business coach and responsible for developing the accountability framework which underpins the 100 days programme. David provides the technical brains and is responsible for the technology tools as well as the JFDI.CO website. Click here for more information.

What type of goal is this programme suitable for?

100 days is designed to help achieve a key business goal. There are no other specific criteria for a goal. Here are some examples:

  • To generate $x in revenue over 100 days
  • To launch a new client service
  • To develop and implement a marketing plan
  • To establish a specialisation in a new market
  • To establish 5 new centres of influence and generate x new referrals.
  • To move into a new market segment (e.g. Commercial Lending or Risk Insurance).

The key is that the goal is challenging and motivating and something participants are prepared to commit to working on every day for 100 days.

What are the options for adviser groups?

There are various options for groups from participation in a rolling public programme through to a co-branded exclusive programme only open to members of a particular group.

How does 100 days work?

The 100 Days programme consists of three core components:

  1. Technology platform. Each participant has their own personal website dedicated to planning, tracking and reviewing progress towards their goal.
  2. Accountability Framework. Webinars, site feedback and a private facebook group provide the foundation for the success of the programme and
  3. Participant commitment. At the end of the day – participants are responsible for achieving their goal. Without a strong commitment on their part, they may as well not bother.
How much does it cost?

The public 100 Days programme is priced at $800 (plus GST) comprising $200 set up plus 3 payments of $200 per month. The cost of the programme for NZFSG will be determined by a number of factors but will likely be set at between $400 and $600 per participant.

How do I contact you to discuss?

If you have other questions or would like to discuss your needs, please get in touch by email:

Jennifer ( or

David (

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