6 individuals have joined the 100 Day Pilot as trailblazers to test and refine the programme prior to launch. Each of our Trailblazers are aiming to achieve their own individual goals over 100 days using the technology, accountability and mentoring programme we have developed. You can follow their journeys (and our own 100 day journey) by subscribing to updates below – or using the pop-up which comes up from time to time.

100 Day Trailblazers


My goal is to develop and implement an effective sales and marketing programme for my “Eat to fit your genes” programme. This will help me to develop important skills to become more confident as a businesswoman

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My goal is to launch “Mathematics for a Lifetime” Charitable Trust to enable kids from all over New Zealand to get access to Maths tutoring irrespective of socio-economic background

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My goal is to double my regular monthly earnings by the end of 100 days enable me to become financially independent and have the income and the freedom to be around home for my kids before and after school

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My goal is to establish a programme to triple my current earnings. The purpose of my goal is to enable me to enhance my lifestyle for the benefit of my family and contribute financially to worthy charitable causes.

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I am a real estate agent and my goal is to list at least 2 new properties per month over the 100 days. I aim to make working full-time rewarding for myself and benefit my clients

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My goal is to double my production (business earnings) over the next 100 days.  I really need to lift myself to another level after 10 years in the business. As an incentive, I am aiming at achieving Gold production awards in 2017.

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