Does Momentum Create Results or do Results Create Momentum?


I realise this is a bit of a ‘chicken and egg’ question, but regardless of which opinion you hold, momentum is often the only differentiator between winning and losing. Momentum tends to enhance and exaggerate a person’s strengths. You’ve felt it yourself, I’m sure. You know that feeling when you get ‘on a roll’ and you feel quite invincible? It feels great, doesn’t it? Even if you’re not doing things quite right or shortcutting a bit, momentum can cover a multitude of little missteps.

But you also know the opposite is true. Without momentum, every flaw in the process is magnified and it often seems as if, once one thing goes poorly EVERYTHING else follows suit. When it comes to achieving a goal you’ve set for yourself, positive momentum can help keep you on track and motivated. It can support you to carry on when you hit an occasional rough patch.

Here are 3 quick things to remember to set yourself up for better results and support your MOMENTUM:

1.) Your Attitude – take responsibility for your own activity and outcomes. Don’t externalise the blame when something doesn’t go to plan. Don’t obsess about factors that are out of your control. Learn to cultivate a strong can-do attitude and sense of purpose (staying in touch with your ‘why’ comes in very handy here!). Maintain your sense of unfailing enthusiasm for the task at hand.

2.) Your Environment – create an environment that supports your momentum. Work from a position of strength – meaning, focus on your strengths and leverage those rather than investing time and energy in improving on your weaknesses. Share your goal with people you trust. Annihilate the fear of failure – some ideas will work and some won’t, but remember that every outcome has something to teach you!

3.) Your People – surround yourself with those who energise you and can support you to keep moving forward. If you take a moment to think, you often know exactly who these people are. They may share your same values or totally support your ‘why’. They may have an unfailingly positive outlook on life. Or they may simply be someone who loves you and wants to see you succeed. Whoever they are, begin investing even more time with them to build those relationships.

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