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JFDI is a new venture being created by Jennifer Myers and David Yates. Its origins started in 2015 when Jennifer, who was mentoring David at the time, asked him to prepare a proposal for a new website. The new website didn’t materialise at the time for a number of reasons but in developing the proposal and during follow up discussions a seed of an idea was planted around creating a platform which could enable Jennifer to share her skills with a wider audience.

Fast forward about 12 months and David, whose brain seems to  work subconsciously on idea seeds, was researching the topic of goal achievement for a project he was working on and the brilliant flash for the “100 Days” initiative struck him like a bolt of lightning. ……

the JFDI Team

JFDI is made up of two very different individuals with complementary strengths and skills.  David is the technology guru behind the partnership.  He also brings an analytical mind and penchant for detail to the table.  He knew, however, that building the online structure to support our clients was only one piece of the puzzle. He realised he needed someone with a flair for creating the words that would not only resonate with visitors but engage and support clients of 100 Days.  That person was Jennifer.  Jennifer is the coach and ‘wordsmith’ in the partnership and as such is designing the ‘live’ support system for 100 Days’ clients in order to give them a better chance of succeeding than if they were left to their own devices.  But beyond the skills and abilities David and Jennifer possess, the key factor for their partnership being successful is that they both share similar values when it comes to helping to change people’s lives for the better.  Making a positive difference is THEIR “why”.    


Jennifer and David have learned how to successfully collaborate while residing in two different cities through the use of project management software, communication technology and the natural ‘gifts’ of integrity and good work ethics.   To date, David has created the website and the basic framework for our Trailblazers to test during their 100-Day journeys.  Jennifer has invested her time writing the content for the website, blog articles and supporting materials for our clients.


Both David and Jennifer are family-oriented individuals who run their own individual businesses and therefore have many demands on their time.  One thing each of them has considered challenging is setting aside the additional time required to bring this project to fruition.  The great realisation that both have shared, however, is that developing ‘100 Days’ hasn’t felt like ‘work’!


Coach extraordinaire. Jennifer is responsible for developing the coaching and accountability features of the 100 day programme.


With a background in IT, David is the technology guru – responsible for building the technical infrastructure to support the 100 days programme.

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